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Marzette's Services



Marzette has recorded hits on various record labels throughout his music career. As a lead singer of his previous group, Essence, he was signed to Epic Records' subsidiary label, Cleveland International Records. Due to a change in representation, Essence was signed to Lance Records and rebranded itself as Sssence. As a member of another one of his former groups, Attitude, Soul, and Pride (A.S.A.P.), Marzette recorded under Legacy Music. As he transitioned into his solo career, he recorded under Soc International Music, World Stage International Records, Baby Brown Records, and eventually under his own label, MG Records. 


Having penned most of his songs by himself, Marzette also has written several songs for other recording artists. Whether ballads, hymns, anthems, or commercial jingles, he does them all. Inspired by real-life experiences, human emotion, and the sights and sounds of the world around us, he is known for keeping his creative process fluid and spontaneous. Occasionally, he joins forces with fellow songwriters Paul Richmond and Jim Peterik.


Marzette has served as the producer for the majority of his own discography and also does so for other artists within the music industry. He creatively directs and supervises the entire process of creating a project. He provides an overall vision in order to build a seamless aesthetic, specifically tailored to the style of the recording artist he's working with at the time. Whether he is proposing changes to the music, coaching others in the studio, or coordinating the audio mixing done in sessions, Marzette organizes songs to deliver a cohesive theme. 


For every song he makes, Marzette also serves as an arranger. He decides what instruments and singing voices will be used, and how. He creates the melodies and figures out how they will be harmonized. To start, he fully composes a tune in his head. Once he has decided its key(s), style(s), and tempo(s), he records himself humming, scatting, and beatboxing the parts of every instrument needed. Afterward, he gets together with his band of musicians so they can duplicate the sound he's come up with. 


Marzette was born to move! Refined and poised in his techniques, he has provided instruction and choreographed dance routines for various singing groups -- using his guidance to polish their image onstage. Furthermore, he is the 1st Place Winner of the first and fourth World's Largest Steppers Contest and is highly regarded as a pioneer of the Steppin' genre in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. On top of this, he has been presented with numerous awards for his originality on the dance floor. Marzette never had formal training in music or dance. His talents are all-natural gifts he feels extremely blessed to have. 

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